Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Review of Pizz'a Chicago in San Jose, CA

If you want to have a meal there better bring a book, maybe a pillow, because this place is slooowww. No complaints about the food but many about the service. The waitress took us to a table, no utensils, no water. The service was slow (the place was not crowded) did I say it was slow?

She finally took our order. She did not even know details about the beer they sold. We ordered salad, drinks and pizza. After an interval long enough for a whole meal the salad came. Yes, it was slow! Then, I thought she was going to go get us forks. Not! Finally my wife got up and found some clean forks on another table!

After over an hour into the meal, still no main course, I had to go back toward the kitchen to find our waitress. I told her, "we have to leave soon, we have tickets to a show!" She said, "I will check on our order." Yes, this place is slow.

More time passed. The food finally came. It was the best pizza we ever hurriedly crammed in our mouths. Then, a few minutes later, she brought us our waters. Yes, we were late for our show.

Moral of the story. This is not a good place for lunch or dinner and a show. Also, if you go there for lunch you may want to eat first. Because, it could be dinner time by the time you get to eat again!

Overall, I liked the food, hated the service. My rating [Link] 60.